What People Say...

"Fun and exciting, Shaun made my photo shoot experience a blast, gave me excellent pointers, also he was quite funny and easy to talk to." - C. B.


What They Say...

"Shaun Simpson's images get noticed, and you can be sure that people will ask you who the photographer behind your image is.

Where I had been intimidated to step in front of the lens, now I can hardly wait until I have the opportunity to shoot with Shaun again." - M. R.


What People Say...

"Lets take it to the next level, has always been the attitude when working together with Shaun Simpson.

The images we have created together push the boundaries of creative process and illume an international flare!!! xxo" - M. S.


What People Say...

"I don't worry with Shaun, because I know the photographs are bound to be great."

"Shaun is so easygoing and adaptable."

"Shaun is a real professional at making you feel comfortable."

- I.B.N.


Shaun Simpson Photography

Professional Photographic Services in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Portraits &

Capture your best self for a headshot that will make you stand out from the crowd; a great way to freshen-up your social media pages.


Whether you're looking for professional fashion, product photography, or corporate headshots, no shoot is too big or too small.

Fitness &

Physique or fantasy, capture your hard work in the studio with high-end post-production to capture and transform your effort in an epic way.

Retouching &

From your portraits and products, to homes and hair; Shaun Simpson Digital Photography has the expertise and experience to take your photographs to the next level.

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